Monday, July 12, 2010

Response to illegal cash payments, said Bao claimed "seriously inaccurate information"

December 13, published in the media called "susceptible to financial crime and use of online payment," the article, said Alibaba's online payment tool Alipay be used for large-scale illegal cash, the paper quoted an article entitled " Using Paypal, a successful cash 25,000 yuan, "the post. In this regard, Zhejiang Alipay Network Technology Co., Ltd. made a statement, responded that the information cited in reports of "serious misrepresentation."

Statement text:

Alipay company solemn declaration

1, Beijing December 13, Zhejiang Alipay Network Technology Co., Ltd. for a few days ago a domestic media, entitled "use of online payment susceptible to financial crime - someone with" Alipay "massive irregularities cash in" false reports strongly condemnation, and in this record, to clarify the truth.

2, the unconfirmed report, citing a line entitled "Po success with cash to pay 25,000 yuan," the post, said a large number of fraudulent transactions Alipay users using cash from credit card to pay for PET data statement that the report cited serious inaccuracies .

Bowes is a leading payment for providing online payment services to Internet companies, their risk Kongzhi subordinate departments that has been working to Da Ji Xin Yongka cash and other illegal operations, Duiyu such violations, to pay the company and freeze the Gai account Bao Zi Jin, Jing Yin Hang Verification will be frozen funds back to the way the original credit card account processing. The department since its inception, has been cracked and the fight against multiple use credit card cash gang.

Alipay risk credit card transactions timely feedback and appropriate measures have been related to the strong support of cooperative banks. Recently, the China Merchants Bank letter of credit to pay cash in the fight against Bowes achieved with regard to affirmative letter said: "Very thank you for your work in the trading risks, hope this follow-up work in closer cooperation."

3, the report quoted the central bank recently issued the "Anti-Money Laundering Report," "Today, online banking in the banking business in the rapidly rising share of occupied, and most transactions by telephone, computer networks, banks and customers very rarely, This gives banks a great deal about the difficulty of customers has also become a money-laundering risk-prone, high in the field. "

"The People's Republic of China Anti-Money Laundering Law" Article XVI: Financial institutions shall establish a customer identification system.

Require customers to produce real and effective identity certificate or other proof of identity, verification and registration. Article XVII of the Act states: financial institutions identify customers through third-party status, should ensure that third parties have been taken to meet the requirements of this Act customer identification measures; third party fails to adopt the customer identification requirements of this law measures, by the financial institutions perform customer identification not assume the obligation.

Alipay has been strictly followed, "The People's Republic of China Anti-Money Laundering Law" the relevant provisions. July 25, 2005 beginning Alipay Launches "Alipay authentication" service, users pay for certifications needed to be registered as a member of Alipay. Alipay has the right to take all measures it deems necessary to identify the user's identity. Alipay specific procedures for certification services, including: identification and bank account identification information to identify, through these two means of identification, Paypal has the right to record and save the user through the authentication of information, has the right under this agreement, agreed to provide financial institutions the user's identity information.

4, the report said, "By 'pay Po' pay, and some users are no longer used after a period of time, which will have part of the 'dormant users' accounts of these users will carry a part of the funds in this part of the 'dormant funds' there 'to pay Po' the account will 'pay the Po' accumulated a lot of money. "

The report also said that "the adoption of the 'pay-bao' to process payments, send the seller if a buyer needs the goods arrive, naturally have a certain account of that period, the bank account of the user account must generate interest . "Meanwhile, the reports did not disclose the identity of the experts said, the interest generated by the user of funds may be 'paid Po' collected.

June 16, 2006, China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China headquarters for the first time the company issued to pay for treasure "margin managed customer transaction report." Alipay is the only one initiative to banking supervision of third party payment platform, ICBC Head Office issued in November, "margin managed customer transaction report" shows that "as of November 30, 2006, the Company (Alipay the same below) stored in each bank deposit balance of customer transactions is equal to the sum of're stored in your customer's fund balance and the pending section, below the paragraph and the balance of the report was not found during customer transactions Alipay margin was diverted the situation. "" sample results did not find any information you provided does not match the transaction. "

Generate funds for the payment of interest Po users deal with the problem, Paypal President Lu Zhaoxi told "Contemporary financier" magazine interview that, "Currently, state regulators because the ownership of these funds is not clear that we will meet as payment losses are, at any time can transfer out. "So far, operators have been relying Alipay Alibaba Group's investment in the company Alipay no revenue or profit targets.

5, as the largest third-party payment platform, Alipay has been committed to helping users more complete and convenient online payment process for banks and financial institutions more deeply involved in the field of payment online.

Alipay, with its e-commerce payments in the field of advanced technology, risk management and control capacity of banks and other partners to win recognition. Currently Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank and other major commercial banks as well as VISA and other major international organizations, financial institutions and established a strategic cooperation Alipay, a bank of great trust in the field of online payment partner.

Alipay has been strict and transparent management system and full compliance with all relevant national policies and regulations, there is no breach of national policies and regulations of the act.

6, above, to pay Bowes that "use of online payment susceptible to financial crime - someone with" Alipay "cash in a large-scale violations" serious inaccuracies in the article, we will investigate the relevant personnel to retain the right to legal liability.

Zhejiang Alipay Network Technology Co., Ltd.


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